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Take some time out for yourself and book an appointment today.

Call us on +61 0434 727 997


Back or Neck Pain? Perhaps you are not getting the results from traditional Osteo or Chiropractic sessions? With sessions offered at only $40 on Wednesdays in Suffolk Park it a great time to give something new a go. Limited appointments so phone today 0434 727 997.

Therapeutic Massage

With a goal of treating a specific condition or to simply relax and enjoy being touched, a therapeutic massage should be part of every ones ‘self-care’. Health fund rebates are available.

Speciality Bodywork

Always learning new techniques to support our clients, the Unwind therapists don’t just say we can do it, we train to do it. This means you are always in safe hands.

Light Touch Bodywork

Craniosacral work and lymphatic drainage massage are both very gentle yet highly effective modalities. Both sessions are ideal as an alternative if traditional oil base massage is just not your thing.


“My doctor recommended massage to help me deal with a stress problem, I began a regular course of massage therapy with Vicki. This continued for several years until, much to my sorrow, Vicki moved interstate. Not only did Vicki’s skillful and soothing touch helped me with my stress, but it brought unexpected benefits in other areas. For example, I experienced no back problems during those years. I must also mention that the massages were accompanied by delightful conversations. I cannot recommend Vicki’s massage therapy highly enough…”

TerryCamberwell, Victoria

“I saw Vicki for regular massages and she really did help with all my aches and pains. I used to look forward so much to being well nurtured by her. She would always listen to what I needed and respond accordingly. I used to feel the benefits of Vicki’s great care and skilled hands while she looked after me. I really felt nourished by the massages she gave me and very pampered and missed her when she moved away from Melbourne. Have one massage with Vicki and you will be hooked like I was.”

Paula BainHawthorn East, Victoria

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