About Us

Unwind Body Therapies is a wellness focused practice offering a broad range of services all of which aim to encourage clients to live their best lives.

Vicki O’Neill – Owner and Principal Therapist at Unwind Body Therapies
We love what we do!

Owner and Principal Therapist

Vicki O’Neill – RN, BA, Dip RM

Put simply, Vicki’s greatest pleasure comes from helping people feel better.

Vicki has a diploma of Remedial Massage and uses all the techniques that you would expect – deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point work, etc. She believes however, that you must be cautious when it comes to pressure because the goal of a session should be to relieve pain, not create more. Also, the more relaxed and comfortable the client is during the session, the better the outcome as the body heals best when it is in a relaxed state.

“… When people think of massage they think primarily of either remedial work to fix an injury or a special treat relaxation session that is all about pampering. But why not combine the two? There is no rule that says you cannot have nice music and soft lighting when I’m working on your sore back…” 

She was introduced to massage as part of a nursing role at a major cancer treatment centre where a training day taught some basic massage techniques for nurses to use as part of caring for their patients. She was drawn to how much it helped and began taking longer courses to learn more. The combination of a nursing background and specialised training allows her to work with clients that have complex medical histories. She has had the privilege of working with many clients at various stages of the cancer process and again specialty training in lymphatic drainage allows her to safely work as part of the recovery process post treatment.

“… Despite many many years of giving massages I am still in awe of how simple nurturing touch helps people feel better. Even the most unwell of clients can benefit from a comfort-focused massage…  ”

So if you are finding life a little hard right now, BOOK NOW and introduce some softness.

Our Locations

Unwind Body Therapies operates from two locations. In Bangalow as part of the Bangalow Health and Wellness multi-modality practise and from a lovely home-based space with views onto the Tallow Creek in Suffolk Park.

Both locations offer a relaxed welcoming and very private environment. At both you can expect a highly professional session that is focused on your wellbeing.